Welcome to the 12 Days of Pitching-In!

The PITCH-IN Guide to a waste reduced holiday!

Each day for 12 days we will provide you with one new holiday tip to assist you in a “Greener” holiday season.

Enjoy! And a Happy Holiday Season from all of us at the PITCH-IN Team!

***Reminder PITCH-IN Week Registration open January 15, 2018 at www.pitch-in.ca ***

Day 1: Handmade local gifts

Want to help support local artists and boost the local economy? Then visit and support craft and gift shops that carry locally made handcrafted items. The benefit of supporting these vendors are multiple. Items created locally often do not have to be shipped vast distances creating increased fuel consumption, or be made in a waste producing factory.

  • You will support real value for work and help employ local traditionally skilled artists, who in turn contribute back to the local community.


  • You will have a gift that is cool, trendy, unique, and superior in quality, that can be customised to your needs and tastes. These gifts last longer, hold their value, are more personal and interesting while promoting sustainability and environmentalism.


To find these types of gifts, visit your Christmas market, or check out handcrafted gifts and stores listed online that are located near you!