12 Days of Pitching In

DAY 11 – Wrapping Paper Alternatives

Did you know that during the holiday season, each home produces 25% more waste that ends up in our landfills? It’s truly sad and the only way to fix it is by educating ourselves on how to have a ‘zero waste’ Holiday season.

We tend to get so busy during the holidays and for convenience we take the easy route. For example, we head to the dollar store to grab wrapping paper for our last minute gifts. Or we go to Walmart to pick up the cutest gift bag. What if I told you that you can wrap your child’s new hand crafted stuffy with your husbands old shirt? Or buying thrifted fabric?! It is super simple and helps our environment in a huge way. For larger gifts, hide them in another room, cover with a sheet or blanket and then leave a card with clues or a riddle as to their whereabouts. Below are a list of items you can use to wrap your gifts this year:

-Fabric (Japanese Style of wrapping)
-Men’s Shirts
-Reusable Containers (Jars)
-Cloth bag
-Rope (alternative to a plastic bow)