12 Days of Pitching In

DAY 12 – Giving Back to the Community

The holidays are so exciting and magical, especially if you have children. Having said that, we tend to get caught up in the marketing side of things, and sometimes we forget what the holidays are really supposed to be about; giving. The world is in such a tough, dark place right now and we need more kindness and love. As much as I love giving my kids the trendiest toys, or spending a huge amount on gifts, its really important that we remember to give back. Below is a list of things we can teach our children, and OURSELVES, on how to spread the love during the season.

– Volunteer at the soup kitchen or shelter
– Make and deliver treats for the homeless
– Donate old books and clothing to the woman/children’s centers or library.
– Spend time with the elderly (home-bound or in assisted living)
– Donate your extra change to a charity of your choice
– Leave a present for the mail man/woman
– Go for a family clean up and pick up litter in your local neighborhood
– Donate to a local animal rescue