About us

PITCH-IN Canada is dedicated to the preservation and sustainable growth of our natural ecosystems and communities. PITCH-IN Canada represents hard working Canadian volunteers and consumers who care about making environmental change in their communities nation-wide, for future generations.



Educate Canadians to the impact of waste on our communities and how it impacts our watersheds and wildlife.

Inspire conscious change in everyday life through community engagement and practicing the 4 R’s Refuse-Reuse-Reduce-Recycle.


PITCH-IN Week Program

2016 was the 49th annual PITCH-IN Week. The program is the largest environmental improvement campaign in Canada. It is a partnership between municipalities, the media, industry and the public. Volunteer “Partners” participate in a wide range of PITCH-IN Week activities. In total, 625,000 Canadians led by 1,500 local volunteer coordinators participated in the program. The annual PITCH-IN Week campaign results are incorporated in the world-wide Clean-Up the World statistics. This Campaign, of which PITCH-IN CANADA is a founding participant, was started in 1990 and is supported by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program).