Who is PITCH-IN Canada?

PITCH-IN CANADA is a national not for profit charitable environmental organization. PITCH-IN CANADA is dedicated to the preservation and sustainable growth of our natural ecosystems and communities. PITCH-IN CANADA is comprised of hardworking Canadian volunteers who care about making environmental change in their area and improving communities nation-wide for future generations.

How do I participate in PITCH-IN Week?

Canadians are encouraged to participate by volunteering/organizing an educational or action activity in their community, school, or business.

Or contact pitch-in@pitch-in.ca to join a local participating community group.

Examples of education activities include: Litterless Lunch program, Compost Education, Energy Reduction Programs, Carbon Footprint Calculation, Ocean Wise Awareness, The Green Shopper Program.

Examples of action projects: Tree Planting, Habitat Restoration, Stream restoration, Invasive Plant

Removal, E-waste Drive, Community litter clean-up.

Community Clean-up Programs: The most common activity is organizing a community clean-up campaign. Once you register your clean-up at pitch-in.ca free waste and recycling bags will be sent to you to aid in your clean-up program.

How do I register for PITCH-IN Week?

Go to pitch-in.ca and register your project online or download a registration form and email or mail it to our national office.

How do I contact PITCH-IN Canada?

Email: pitch-in@pitch-in.ca

Where can I get the free garbage and recycling bags?

By registering at pitch-in.ca, and signing up for PITCH-IN Week, be sure to include all your mailing and event information.

What if we still have snow in April?

As of 2021, PITCH-IN supports year round clean up programs. Biodegradable and compostable bags will be shipped within Canada to any clean up in a calendar year as long as supplies last. Be sure to register as soon as possible to the opening registration date to receive supplies.

What if our clean-up is scheduled in May?

Not a problem, please register your event at pitch-in.ca and be sure to include your May event dates in the registration so we are aware. Waste and recycling bags will start to be mailed out at the beginning of  the month of March.

Where can I do my clean-up?

Any location in your local community that you notice requires a litter clean-up or has been used as an illegal dumping ground. Typically roadsides, waterways, sports fields, walking trails etc. may be locations with unsightly litter. You may also choose to contact PITCH-IN to see if there is a local coordinator organizing groups in your community already or contact your local municipality.

Do you provide anything other than bags?

PITCH-IN CANADA does not provide any material items other than waste and recycling bags for clean-ups for insurance reasons. We encourage that groups ask their local hardware stores to support their clean-ups by donating gloves/and or litter pickers. Alternatively, local municipalities may have litter pickers available for use.

What if I have registered before?

Visit pitch-in.ca, sign in by entering your email address and once logged in add your event details. If you have forgotten your password, click on forgot password to receive a new password to sign in.

Who picks up our garbage and recycling bags?

It is recommended that you contact your local municipality or waste removal company to donate their services to your clean up event. Quite often local partners are happy to support the clean-up efforts of our local volunteers as we are participating in creating cleaner/greener communities to benefit all Canadians.

Do you provide gloves for our clean-up?

No we do not provide gloves, we recommend that you either purchase them at a local hardware/dollar store or ask for a donation from a local retailer.

Do I get a prize for participating?

Yes, all PITCH-IN Week participants can download a certificate of participation from pitch-in.ca and customize the community and participants name, as a sign of recognition for your participation.