Dear Volunteers,

First our thoughts are with all those families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic across Canada and Worldwide.

An immediate thank you to all of you whom are first responders and healthcare workers on the front line diligently working to keep Canadians safe and healthy!

We are experiencing like you an unprecedented situation we have never been in before.

While we have experienced PITCH-IN Week delays due to weather disruptions in the past, we have not had to deal with this level of community health crisis as a barrier to our program.

We are therefore asking that all volunteers hold their community based clean up at a date and time that is safe for your community.

There will be no set date for PITCH-IN Week in 2020, and if a time does not arise to participate this year, please feel free to store your materials for next year.

Please do not return any materials to PITCH-IN as our shipping warehouse is closed and unable to accept packages at this time.

As well, we have shipped all registered packages as of March 11. However, approximately 50 packages were attempted to be delivered by Canada Post but were unable due to COVID-19 closures. Those packages are now being held by Canada Post as notices of delivery were given, and we will work with you to track those packages.

For all registrations after March 11, we will not be making any further shipments at this time due to disruptions in our supply chain and the safety and health of our PITCH-IN Team.

This applies as well to all volunteers waiting to receive compostable clean up bags, we will not be making any shipments at this time due to the aforementioned disruptions in our supply chain and the safety and health of our PITCH-IN Team.

We are going to be monitoring the situation and will reconsider opening shipping in August to support Fall clean ups.

If you have any questions please email us at or message us through our Facebook page. Our national office is now closed, and we are not monitoring the telephone line at this time.

A huge thank you to all volunteers, coordinators, and organizations for your understanding and patience we wish you health and wellness, and look forwards to working with you in the Fall!

Stay Safe, all the Best,