Join us for PITCH IN Week 2022!

Now an active year long program with a focus surrounding Earth Day, volunteers take part in locally organized clean ups to support clean and #litterfree communities!

In 2021 over 550,000 volunteers took part in more than 28,000 individual clean ups resulting in 3.7 million pounds of litter being removed from parks, streets and waterways.

“The goal in 2021 was to re-engage and grow the clean up project in a safe manner for all participants.” Said Misha Cook, Executive Director, PITCH IN Canada, “There has been a dramatic increase in cigarette, city litter and PPE waste, as well as increased illegal dump sites. Volunteers are equally distressed by the growing volume of waste in parks, waterways, and oceans that is a direct result of increased storms and climate related events. The issue of litter is far from over across Canada and the dedicated volunteers involved with PITCH IN Canada are critical to community ecological health.”

Be a part of the solution and join the #WePitchIn movement in 2022, registration opens January 1 st, 2022.