• Media Release March 1, 2021

PITCH-IN Canada Opens Registration for 54th Annual Clean Up
Tim Hortons & PITCH-IN Canada partner to promote environmental stewardship across Canada. Residents and organizations dedicated to environmental conservation will come together across Canada to participate in the 54th Annual PITCH-IN Week running throughout 2021.

PITCH-IN Week began in 1967 with a handful of concerned citizens picking up harmful debris along the shore of Vancouver Island. In 2020 over 450,000 people committed to participating in their local neighborhoods from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Port Alice, British Columbia, and collectively removed over 4 million pounds of litter!

In their sixth year of sponsorship, Tim Horton’s has partnered with PITCH-IN to support their stance on positive contribution to environmental stewardship.

“As one of Canada’s most popular restaurant chains, we recognize we all have a responsibility to limit the environmental impact we have on our planet,” said Chris Wakefield, Regional Marketing, Tim Hortons Canada.  “That’s why Tim Hortons is pleased to continue to partner with PITCH-IN Canada in this important annual initiative taking place across the country.”

PITCH-IN makes it easy to sign up and take action. On their site, participants can easily find resources for campaign support materials, frequently asked questions and links to online and mail-in registration. Once registered, PITCH-IN sends participants clear and yellow bags to aid in sorting and recycling efforts.

Registration will stay open through the month of August; however, free waste and recycling bags will be provided while supplies last. For more information, or to register, go to www.pitch-in.ca and check in with PITCH-IN on social media outlets.



WHEREAS hundreds of thousands of Canadians show their concern for the environment and their communities each year by participating in PITCH-IN CANADA projects to:

reduce, reuse, recycle and properly dispose of waste; clean up and rejuvenate local neighbourhoods, green spaces, ravines, waterways and illegal dump sites; restore habitats; and to establish composting and recycling projects;

AND WHEREAS PITCH-IN CANADA, a national, community-based, organization comprised of eco-action and community volunteers, believes that maintaining a quality environment and encouraging civic pride is everyone’s responsibility;

AND WHEREAS PITCH-IN CANADA encourages voluntary action to keep communities clean and beautiful and restore and maintain a healthy environment;

NOW THEREFORE the _________________________declares the week of April 18 – 25, 2021 as “PITCH-IN CANADA Week” in the _________________ and invites all citizens in our region to actively participate in PITCH-IN Week!

Download and print a pdf copy of the PITCH-IN Week Proclamation