Is your school eco-Active?

Does your school teach students about the importance of a clean environment?

Do your teachers and students participate in environmental clean-up programs?

Does your school have a recycling program?

Does your school have a composting program?

Does your school plant trees or is it involved in other habitat restoration and/or beautification programs?

Does your school have a ‘litter-less’ lunch program?   

If you said yes to one or more of these then your school is ecoActive and you qualify to be in the ecoActive School Program – at no cost!

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Why be recognized as an eco-Active School?

Make a difference! Enable your students to become role models in your community by showing your school “pitches-in” and cares about the environment.

ecoActive schools share ideas and success stories with other ecoActive schools 

Canada’s media support activities undertaken by Canada’s youth to promote a clean environment. Your example will be a visible reminder to others in your community that everyone can and should look after protecting our environment.

Your community’s elected leaders will be impressed by your actions aimed at improving your community.

What do ecoActive schools receive?

Your school will be listed on a special section of the PITCH-IN CANADA national website.

Your school’s website will be linked to the PITCH-IN CANADA website (where applicable).

Your school is allowed to fly the official ecoActive school flag (flag can be purchased at minimal cost).

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