Involve millions of Canadians, young and old, in local projects which clean-up, restore and/or preserve the environment, thereby promoting environmental sustainability and involving both young and ‘older’ people in local partnerships which benefit and enhance their communities.



Clean up, restore and beautify the environment by cleaning up litter and other garbage from urban, rural and wilderness areas and by initiating local projects such as habitat preservation and restoration and urban renewal activities, thereby promoting respect for Canada’s natural and urban environments.



Encourage voluntary action as a means of resolving environmental problems.



Stress the value of waste as a resource by encouraging Canadians to reduce, reuse, recycle and properly dispose waste.



Educate Canadians to pack-in/ pack-out their waste when they enjoy the natural environment.



Encourage civic pride and develop long-term working relationships for the future which will help local communities develop in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, thereby leaving lasting benefits.